Monday, November 14, 2011


Luis Flores/kansas
November 9,2011
Be the change.

                         GROWING IN FEUDAL EUROPE

              Growing in feudal EUROPE was hard because they did not have alot of money and they had to work very hard.They worked like slaves and they weren’t paid enough!!!!!!Could you believe how bad they treated them?Life was also hard because the BLACK DEATH came when the boys and  girls were working really hard and it wiped out most of the population.It was a disease that killed anybody that would not stay healthy and keep healthy.They would have to buy a certain amount of special medicine that poor people could not afford .

             My family could not afford the medicine and we would get sick.We  would have to work hard and endure the pain and the madness.Times were also bad because you nedded money to have and buy  many food and to support your family.sometimes a strong and nice loyal knight would come to help us when we needed help and food.Although my mom would not want to accept the food from him,she would take it because we were all hungry and times were harsh,and hard.
                This situation finally came to an end when they  moved the capital of rome to constantinople.They moved it there because they wanted the people of rome to be d feel good and protected.We would not be totally protected but at least we were safer then being in the middle of the battle that was going on in the middle of rome.The person that moved the capital was constantine.The person that was responsible of the split between the empire was DIOCLITIAN.This was a really hard time to live in ROME.

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